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Posted by xdoulos on March 13, 2010

Mediate on God’s Word           

 Psalm 1:2, But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night

Psalm one describes the “blessed man” who does not become a participant with wicked men, sinners, nor scoffers (v1).  In contrast to the philosophy, values, and life-styles of those who do not know God, the blessed man focuses upon God’s law.  By “law” the writer of the psalm does not mean the ten commandments or the six-hundred and three other commandments of the Old Testament nor the one hundred and twenty-seven commandments given in the New Testament, he is referring to God’s revealed wisdom, instructions and guidance contained in all divine Scripture (e.g., the various synonyms of “law” in Psalm 119, “testimonies,” “precepts,” etc.).

The blessed man “delights” (“takes pleasure in”) the law of the Lord and in that delightful law he meditates day and night.  The word “meditate” in Psalm 1 means literally to “moan” or to “utter” in a low tone but carries the idea of deep contemplation which produces understanding.  Synonyms for the word “meditate” of Psalm 1:2 in the Hebrew Bible add the ideas of lengthy contemplation or remembering with deep thoughts.  The Septuagint translates the Hebrew word for “meditate” in Psalm 1:2 with a word which means “give careful thought to” or to “study” or “train oneself” by.  The concept is simple, the blessed man is one who doesn’t just read a verse of Scripture but one who gives deep contemplation to or carefully thinks about the meaning, significance, and application to God’s Word.  The New Testament offers similar encouragement to dwell upon, study, understand, and apply Scripture (Luke 6:47-49; James 1:22)

The blessed man (one who is led in a way of good fortune, truly happy or joyful) is one who rejects the worldly attitudes and values but desires to understand God’s truth and purpose for his/her life.  The one whose life is focused upon gaining a better understanding God’s heart, God’s perspective, and God’s will for him/her will find the blessedness which God has promised.  Thus, every day, morning and evening, God’s Word is read, studied, contemplated and applied.  The Bible is not just a symbol of one’s religious conviction nor a “rule book” for living a devout life, but it is the way of communing with God and being intimate with the heavenly Father.  God has gone to great lengths to reveal and preserve His Self-Revelation and He has provided the believer with opportunity and divine help (The Holy Spirit) as well as numerous study tools and godly teachers so that they may mediate upon His law. 

The responsibility is for the believer to dedicate his/her mind and time to grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s Word (Col. 1:9-10) and to be transformed into Christ’s image by renewing the mind (Rom. 12:2).  Making God’s Word central to one’s value system and to live by divine wisdom rather than human wisdom will produce a blessedness that the world cannot.




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